Strome Sales Limited is a Manufacturers Representative Sales Agency which has been in operation since 1968. Our greatest marketing strengths reside in the Home Improvement, Construction Supply, Industrial, Hardware, and Paint sectors, with particular emphasis on the largest players within each of these segments in Western Canada.

We sell and promote our manufacturers' products through all market channels including wholesale distributors, major chain accounts, buying groups, and independent stores. Strome Sales boasts an unparalleled knowledge of these customers and a solid understanding of how to maximize potential at each of these outlets.

Our coverage territories stretch from N.W. Ontario, to Vancouver Island, including the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. Head office for Strome Sales is in Winnipeg, Manitoba with our branch offices in Vancouver, British Columbia and Calgary, Alberta.

Between the three offices we have 5 salespeople and 3 sales facilitator/office staff who ultimately have responsibility in supporting all regions within our designated territory. Although each sales professional has a specified sales region, we regularly move staff from one province to the next to add needed support where necessary. We operate as a committed team.

Many of the principals we proudly represent are market leaders, and I encourage you to contact any or all of them for an honest evaluation of our efforts on their behalf. We are sales leaders and are committed to providing professional, results oriented representation.

Strome Sales Limited


Larry Hatch, Tim Hatch

Head Office
                5-1679 Burrows Avenue 
 Winnipeg, Manitoba R2X 3B5 
 phone (204) 586-0919 fax (204) 582-0252 
 phone (800) 209-0420 (Canada) 

Branch Offices
Vancouver, British Columbia Calgary, Alberta
phone (800) 209-0420 phone (800) 209-0420

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