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Strome Sales Ltd.

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Generational Partnerships

Strome Sales' longevity in this business channel and the generational partnerships we create with our customers provides us a unique foundation of understanding in how our clients operate, and what components of business they most highly value.

We seek to understand before we sell. We're not chasing an order, we're pursuing a mutually rewarding partnership.

  • Strome Sales is formed - 1966

    Founded by Gerry Strome as a result of the company he worked for (The Reardon Co.) being purchased, Gerry becomes a manufacturer's rep.

  • Strome Sales incorporates - 1970

    In December of 1970, Gerry incorporates the company as Strome Sales Ltd.

  • Strome Sales Ltd. Expands - 1973

    Strome Sales Ltd. hires its second full time employee - Sandy Strome.

  • Strome Sales Ltd. continues to grow - 1977

    Between 1974 and 1977, Strome Sales Ltd. hires Larry and Tim Hatch to manage warehouse operations, picking, shipping, and packaging sundry items.

  • Strome Sales Ltd. opens B.C. office - 1987

    After a successful 20th year, Sandy Strome relocates to Vancouver, B.C. completing local coverage to all of Western Canada.

  • Gerry retires from the business - 1989

    During that same year, Larry and Tim along with Sandy, become equal partners in Strome Sales Ltd.

  • Strome Sales Ltd. digital infrastructure begins to take shape - 1996

    As requirements to maintain digital assets becomes a necessary part of the business, Strome Sales Ltd. hires John Genest to manage IT and Systems.

  • More strategic growth covering B.C. territory - 1999

    Morris Hutchins - Morris & Crew is contracted and hired by Strome Sales Ltd.

  • Strome Sales Ltd. continues to nurture quality sales professionals - 2009

    From 2005 to 2009 Strome Sales Ltd. significantly increases its coverage with a polished and professional sales team comprised of Ian Saxby (2005), Brian Strome (2006), Jeff Strome (2009), and Andrew Hatch (2009)

  • Launching Multiple Simultaneous Projects - 2024

    Strome Sales Ltd. continues to launch multiple projects in various regions of Western Canada simultaneously. Create a successful partnership with Strome Sales Ltd. today and be part of a heritage that has truly stood the test of time.

The Philosophy Of Strome

At Strome Sales Ltd. our culture is built upon customer intimacy and partnering to achieve mutual goals. This has led us in developing multi-level relationships within our customer organizations, and in adjusting sales strategies based on demographics, customer culture, and market opportunities.

  • Partnership

  • Research

  • Execution

  • Growth

Client Retention

" It means more than you think." for clients seeking long-term growth.

The perspective is often clear, what will your team do to grow the business?

"At Strome, we maintain a short list of clients, and do an exceptional job of bringing the most quantifiable objectives into clear focus for them. It means more than you think.

Partner: Ian Saxby


Our Sales Cycle

  • 01
    Learn and strategize
  • 02
    Take to the Street
  • 03
    catalogue the wins
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Learn And Strategize

The key to becoming an extension of your sales force; we become experts in your company, culture, product selection and services. We learn how you do it now, and together, we develop how we can help in the long term. We bring:

  • Knowledge of multiple channels
  • A long history of success
  • Industry network partners
  • Retail and buying group partners
  • Strategic geographical industry insight
Take To The Street

Immersion of our full team in a measured and targeted strategy matching our clients' goals begins. Our Sales team is in constant communication among members. This grass-roots technique has proven successful in achieving agility in direction toward success.

  • Agile and responsive
  • Provide vertical multi-channel support
  • Quickly execute action items
  • Disseminate product support material
  • Propagate product knowledge
  • Track and manage project data, marketing material and feedback
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Catalogue The Wins

The cycle never ends with a single growth number objective reached. We determine what works, and begin a continued cycle of research and strategy to move beyond what's expected, into what's possible.

  • Note client successes
  • Provide real measurable results
  • Follow up research and reports
  • Advance client feedback loop
  • Create new targets
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